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Hungary Helps

Supporting education and vocational training

Education holds a key role in the field of international development and humanitarian efforts, thus this is one of the most important pillars of the Hungary Helps Program.

We believe that education serves as the cornerstone for empowerment and self-reliant. With knowledge and skills, individuals can uplift themselves in all phases of their life, and contribute to building a more resilient community. It is particularly true for young people, where education and technical and vocational training promise a brighter future, effectively reducing the aid dependence and addressing the root causes of poverty.

A significant part of the Hungary Helps’ activity is implemented in countries, where the percentage of youth is very high so the access to quality education correlates with peace and social stability

Our Flagship Projects completed in 2023:

1. ‘College for Life’ project – Kinshasa, DRC (115.000 EUR)

Hungary Helps Program supports the capacity building of College Othniel School in Kinshasa, capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo. The ’College for Life’ project aims at developing the vocational training activities in the district of Munganga, where almost 60.000 people suffering from poverty.

As a result of the project, the school has been completely modernized and completed with a new floor. New classrooms have been created with a capacity for 30 to 40 students per room. With this capacity building, the school has been opened for 700 students. In the newly-established workshops, professional trainers will provide vocational courses in sewing, IT, agriculture, carpentry, electrician and optician professions.

Such skills enable the poorest young people to establish a decent living conditions, escape from poverty circle and remain in their local communities and homeland with decent job and the opportunity of economic growth.

2. Construction of Meltho School – Erbil, Iraq (4.000.000 EUR)

Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the country has faced numerous challenges and problems such as security issues, political instability, sectarian divisions, or economic struggles. Violence, terrorism, and insurgency, including the destroy made by ISIS, have destabilized the entire country.

The majority of Christian residents, as well as other ethnic-religious minorities (for example Yazidis) the of the Nineveh Plain have fled to Erbil and many have settled there.

With the support of Hungary Helps, Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese has built a complex educational center in Erbil, for 1000 students, accessible regardless of ethnicity, or religion.

3. Non-formal and vocational education in Punjab – Lahore, Pakistan (50.000 EUR)

Education situation in Pakistan faced several challenges. The country has a relatively low literacy rate, with a significant gender and inclusivity gap in access to quality education, particularly in rural areas. Socioeconomic disparities hindered access to education, as many families struggled to afford the costs associated with schooling.

Hungary Helps Agency, in collaboration with Caritas Lahore, provides non-formal education for the most vulnerable children who work as brick kiln workers affected by debt slavery, giving them the chance to learn basic skills (reading and writing) and help them escape form poverty.

Our programme has also provided vocational trainings (plumber, electrician, tailor) for nearly 100 young pakistani student, giving them skills that are needed in the labour market to establish their own entrepreneurship.

Hungary Helps

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