• Assistance to victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
  • Assistance to refugees of the Russo-Ukrainian war
  • Support the activities of the Hungary Helps Program

Hungary Helps

Healthcare as the base of humanitarian assistance

Healthcare projects are crucial in the humanitarian assistance as they address fundamental human needs and contribute to overall well-being. Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right.

In times of crises, healthcare projects are essential for responding to emergencies, preventing disease outbreaks, ensuring that basic health needs are met, and communities can recover and rebuild.

Flagship Projects:

Centre Ophthalmologique St. Raphael – Support for the expansion of the ophthalmology clinic and the development of medical equipment (1.100.000 EUR)

After decades of bloody civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, economic underdevelopment, a rapidly growing population and a fundamental lack of resources have created one of the largest and most complex humanitarian crises in the world. The problems are particularly severe in terms of the health care system, especially the lack of specialised services.

Hungary Helps Program has supported the construction of the Centre Ophtalmologique St Raphaël Eye Clinic which runs by Dr. Richárd Hardi, a missionary ophthalmologist, in Mbuji-Mayi.

The project includes the construction of the clinic’s eye surgery centre, the purchase of modern medical equipment and laser eye surgery instruments, and the installation of a solar panel system to make the clinic self-sustainable in terms of energy.

Thanks to the project, more than 10,000 patients a year have access to medical care in areas where there is no eye care at all. The clinic serves around 8 million people and is the only clinic in the country to perform specialised retinal surgery.

St. Charles Borommeo Hospital – Nursing Institute Development – Onitsha, Nigeria (875.000 EUR)

A significant proportion of diseases in the Niger Delta can be prevented or properly treated through systematic and early diagnosis (e.g. early HIV screening), in which well-trained nurses play a key role. With the support of the Archdiocese of Onitsha, the Hungary Helps Program contributes to the construction of a nursing institute at the St. Charles Borommeo Hospital which is Onitsha’s main health facility. This will include the construction of an accommodation unit with a capacity of 400 beds.

Donation for the „Open Hospitals” project in partnership with the Italian AVSI Foundation (1.500.000 EUR)

The Syrian crisis continues to drive one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The circumstances for many refugees across the region remain extremely difficult; in many cases, they lack the appropriate resources to satisfy even their basic needs. In response to this situation, the “Open Hospitals” project has been launched to ensure free access to medical care for those Syrians who are the most in need. This project is implemented with the collaboration of three private and non-profit hospitals that were less heavily damaged in the conflict: the Italian and the French Hospitals in Damascus, and the St. Louis Hospital in Aleppo. The key objective of the project is to improve the healthcare services provided to vulnerable persons by the hospitals involved in terms of both quality and quantity. The second objective is the improvement of the structural conditions of the three hospitals. providing electricity, running machines, and replenishing medical supplies.

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