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  • Assistance to refugees of the Russo-Ukrainian war
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Hungary Helps

Focusing on women’s empowerment

Women empowerment projects are crucial in international development and humanitarian actions for several reasons. In times of humanitarian crises, women are often disproportionately affected.

Women’s empowerment projects are essential in humanitarian contexts to address the unique needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls, including access to healthcare, protection from violence, and livelihood opportunities. They can pass on knowledge, skills, and opportunities to future generations, breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality.

Empowering women has a long-term impact to create to more equitable and prosperous societies, benefiting everyone.

Flagship Projects:

Construction of a women’s crisis centre in Gori, Georgia

(100.000 EUR)

The Hungary Helps Program supported the construction and equipment of a Women’s Crisis Centre run by the Orthodox Church of Georgia. The centre provides safe accommodation for women and girls who have been victims of violence.

The time and care they receive here will enable women and their children who have experienced abuse to recover, restore their self-esteem, regain self-determination and the ability to live independently, and receive vocational training to enable them to enter the labour market. The support profor construction, renovation works and furnishing of the centre.

Developing an education  center for disadvantaged young people in Ethiopia  (500.000 EUR)

In Africa’s rapidly growing societies, social integration of young people, particularly in terms of education, training, mobility and integration into the labour market, is a key issue.

The Hungary Helps Programme has implemented a complex youth assistance project in partnership with the Ethiopian Catholic Church. The aim of this project is to establish a National Youth Formation and Counselling Centre in Addis Ababa with a capacity of 50 people. The youth centre will carry out social activities aimed at reducing the rate of youth emigration, promoting social integration and helping young people to start their lives.

The centre will provide a safe environment, psychological support and educational and career counselling for young people from disadvantaged, traumatised or displaced backgrounds, helping them to build relationships, reintegrate into society, find employment or start their own businesses.

The project is currently giving help for 50 girls returning from migration – where they have experienced severe trauma – the chance to start their lives anew.

Leadership training for minority women in Punjab, Pakistan (50.000 EUR)

The project supported by the Hungary Helps Program aims to help women in the Punjab province of Pakistan to start their own businesses through training, counselling and microcredit. By the end of the project, the women involved will have acquired basic business skills and the skills to become self-reliant and fully-fledged members of society.

Following the training sessions, the success stories of the 32 women beneficiaries were widely publicised, allowing their success to become a model, which multiplied the social impact of the project.

Hungary Helps

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