Hungary helps 

The Hungary Helps Agency


The Hungary Helps Agency was established on 14th April 2019 based on Act CXX of 2018 on Hungary Helps Program. The Hungary Helps Agency is a governmental agency which works as a non-profit organization under the coordination of the Prime Minister’s Office.

We are responsible for providing rapid and effective assistance within the scope of the Hungary Helps Program. As a governmental agency, our organization is working in the spirit of the Fundamental Law of Hungary, emphasizing the respect of freedom and culture of other nations and endeavouring to cooperate with all nations of the world to base the human existence on dignity.

Our approach is to act on the local level, respecting the humanitarian principles and all human rights. We design our projects according to local needs based on reports of representatives of local communities and implement them with local partners, notably local Faith-Based Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our tasks are as follows:

  • Preparation of international humanitarian aid projects, donations and grant contracts, provide rapid and effective assistance based on the need of the affected communities;
  • Managing humanitarian and development projects: implementation of subsidies’ pay-off, follow-up on transactions, financial and technical coordination, monitoring, ensuring transparency and efficiency, reporting;
  • Targeting the most vulnerable people: issuing of grants and donations to support the victims of humanitarian crises, natural and man-made catastrophes with special but not exclusive attention on persecuted religious groups, understanding that the freedom of religion as a universal and fundamental human right;
  • Cooperation with other agencies: taking part in the implementation of bilateral and multilateral humanitarian aid projects and policies with development nexus together with humanitarian organizations of partner countries, in particular, the V4 and other EU countries;
  • Fundraising: due to increasing international recognition of the Hungary Helps Program and the growing number of partners wishing to join and contribute, the Agency collects and manages donations from private donors to implement specific projects;
  • Being on the location: planning the use of humanitarian subsidies with the local partners, regularly on-site monitoring.