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The new academic year is about to begin, with new opportunities and new scholarship holders. And new scholarship holders are likely to experience a little nervousness as well as anticipation: What should I prepare? What should I expect? What should I look out for in my move here?

We asked some of our scholarship holders what advice they would give you. What has meant the most to them? What difficulties did they face? You can find a summary of this in 10+1 points below. 

1. Take your studies seriously!

„I study architecture, the program is nice, educative but a little bit intense compared to other majors, so I would advise new applicants who want to study architecture to take it seriously because it’s on the course of all week days and it demands their attention”. – Habib S. (Syria), Széchenyi István University

„Concentrate on your studies and graduate with flying colors and always ask question from mentors for clarification”. – Emmanuel M. (Nigeria), University of Pécs

2. Make a financial plan!

„The economic situation is tough all around and that is because of an international crisis so I would advise newcomers to put a financial plan for their stay and try to be as economic as they can and consider this time away from home as a chance to proof their independence and that they can manage themselves financially”. – Habib S. (Syria), Széchenyi István University

3. Learn the language!

„My only suggestion would be to learn the Hungarian language; no matter how little, it would go a long way”. – Sikama S. (Nigeria), Óbuda University

„While many programs are offered in English, learning basic Hungarian phrases can help you in your day-to-day interactions and foster stronger connections with locals”. –  Walid A. (Syria), Eötvös Loránd University

„The most important accomplishment is that I learned the Hungarian language”. – Lusine K. (Armenia), Pázmány Péter Catholic University

4. Be part of everything!

„One of my most memorable experiences was participating in student clubs and extracurricular activities (For example hiking). It allowed me to connect with fellow students who shared similar interests and provided a platform for personal growth and skill development”. – Walid A. (Syria), Eötvös Loránd University

„Recognizing the importance of fostering a sense of community and facilitating cultural integration, the university organized a variety of trips and activities. […] These organized outings not only provided a break from academic pursuits but also facilitated lasting connections among students, nurturing a supportive network”. – George M. (Syria), University of Sopron

5. Build a support network! Get to know new people!

„Connect with other scholarship holders, join student organizations, and participate in university activities. Having a support network will provide guidance, friendship, and a sense of belonging”. –  Walid A. (Syria), Eötvös Loránd University

„My advice to all the new Students who will come soon: be strong and I know It is too difficult to be far from your family and start the new life alone but all of us are beside you be thankful that your dream will come true in a good environment now, build a good relationships and enjoy in every moment here, this time will not come back”. – Razan F. (Syria), University of Miskolc

„I advise being proactive in meeting new people and familiarizing yourself with local customs. Take advantage of the support services provided by your institution and manage your finances wisely”. – Youssef H. (Syria), University of Szeged

6. Be open to the unknown!

„Interacting with individuals from different backgrounds exposed me to diverse perspectives, traditions, and ideas.  Friendships i formed with people of various nationalities connections broadened me understanding of the world. The scholarship not only provided me with a high-quality scientific education but also enriched my personal and social experiences. By learning from different cultures and backgrounds, I gained a global perspective that will continue to shape my future endeavours”. – Mania M. (Syria), University of Debrecen

„It provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, as well as a chance to connect with other like-minded individuals who share similar values and beliefs”. – Hripsime K. (Armenia), Pázmány Péter Catholic University

7. Embrace the cultural experience!

„Immerse yourself in Hungarian culture, traditions, and customs. Attend local events, try traditional foods, and engage with the local community. It will enrich your experience and help you develop a deeper understanding of the country”. – Walid A. (Syria) Eötvös Loránd University

8. Explore Hungary!

„The best thing I ever did here in Hungary, when everyone was looking for destinations outside Hungary to spend their holidays in, I have chosen to travel within Hungary and I have found that in Hungary there are many, many places to visit and many, many stories to hear”. – Asad R. (Palestina), University of Dunaújváros

9. Plan your travel!

„My advice for the new comers would be that Hungary has a lot of stairs so try planning your luggage and transportation accordingly”. – Oleksandra H. (Lebanon), Széchenyi István University

10. Enjoy!

„Without thinking twice, I would highly recommend studying in Hungary, it is the experience of a lifetime. You would not just be living with Hungarians, but also people of nationalities and cultures far and close”. – Sikama S. (Nigeria), Óbuda University

„I advise the new students to be ready to learn and experience a whole new adventure in Hungary, which will amaze you so much”. – Ashley K. M. (Kenya), Széchenyi István University


„Remember to pray all the times and look for a church to worship for Sunday service.” – Emmanuel M. (Nigeria), University of Pécs