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The Budapest Report on Christian Persecution has been published for the fourth consecutive time this year. The aim is to create a comprehensive scientific work that presents the phenomenon of the persecution of Christians from different perspectives.

The authors of the work are prominent representatives of the academic and public sphere in Hungary and abroad: decision-makers, researchers, analysts, human rights defenders, representatives of the domestic and foreign think-thank sphere.

The individual studies present the reality of the persecution of Christians in different regions from the point of view of security policy, history, fundamental rights, and public law, among others. The studies of the new volume are organized into three main themes, so in addition to the regional presentation of acts of violence against Christian communities, the volume also deals with the phenomenon and its international legal aspects in a general, theoretical context, as well as the role of state and church organizations in solving the problem.

The Budapest Report on Christian Persecution 2020 is available in Hungarian and English. You can read it here.

You can also watch the roundtable discussions about the new volume here.