October 11, 2018

State Secretary Tristan Azbej invited 20 SCYP Scholarship Holders to Rome in October 2018 to give testimony at the opening ceremony of the Cross-in-Fire Exhibition organised by State Secretar¬iat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and for the Hungary Helps Program. The Scholarship Holders also had the privi¬lege to meet His Holiness Pope Francis in person at the Vatican during the Gen¬eral Audience.

Areen Nassar (Syria)

What is a great honor of being one of the Young Christians studying in Hun¬gary who visited Rome in October 2018. This visit has changed my entire life due to talking about Christianity in Syria and listening to other participants. Moreover, it was a really special meeting with Pope Francis who loves people for who they are, just as God loves them.
It was a special moment when he gave us crosses as souvenirs which keep reminding me about that blessed vis¬it. Furthermore, the Pope was deeply touched by what the Hungarian Gov¬ernment was doing for helping the per¬secuted Christians. It was an unbeliev¬able moment when we stood together in front of the general audience on Wednesday at St. Peter’s Square taking a photo with Pope Francis.

Maikey Zaki (Iraq)

I was very touched and loved what the Pope said at the meeting and at the public mass that day: “killing is not the right thing and human life is precious to honor and respect it”. I was selected to present the Pope a symbolic medal in¬cluding the scholarship holders’ names who were present at that meeting.

Meroze Daud (Pakistan)

The most memorable moment of my life was when I meet Pope Francis. We at¬tended morning service and listened to the sermon given by His Holiness Pope Francis. I never thought of meeting him. Not only I meet him but I also talked to him for 3 minutes. He asked me about Christian people in Pakistan and also we captured few pictures with him. That was simply amazing trip.