Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

Hungary Helps – With Heart and Soul

The Hungary Helps Agency


Hungary Helps is an independent government agency that works as a charitable non-profit. We help with heart and soul. Our task is to ensure rapid and effective provision of assistance to victims of humanitarian crises and persecuted communities with special attention to Christians and other religious groups. Its main purpose is to contribute to Hungary’s international efforts to eradicate the root causes of migration through direct local assistance.

“Trouble should not be brought here but assistance must be taken to where it is needed”

This is the basic principle of the Hungary Helps Program, Hungary’s international humanitarian and development framework program.

As a committed member of the international community, in proportion to its size and economic capacity, and in line with its past activities, Hungary will continue to actively participate in international development cooperation and international humanitarian aid efforts.

In order to allow for the rapid and effective provision of assistance, the Hungarian Parliament considered it necessary to pass Act CXX of 2018 on the Hungary Helps Program. This piece of legislation established the Hungary Helps Agency as of 14th April 2019 and defined its tasks as follows:

  • preparation of international humanitarian aid projects, donations and grant contracts, ensuring the rapid and effective provision of assistance;
  • issuing of grants and donations to support persecuted Christians, victims of humanitarian catastrophes and other target groups;
  • payment of subsidies;
  • follow-up on transactions, financial and professional coordination, monitoring, ensuring and reporting transparency and efficiency;
  • taking part in the implementation of the international development policy goals coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Agency shall co-ordinate with humanitarian organizations of partnering countries, utilizing the principles of the Hungary Helps Program and participate in effectively managing, targeting and controlling the aid provided.

The Agency is also responsible for fundraising, and it wishes to participate in the financing and implementation of bilateral and multilateral support projects, whether in the V4 or in the EU or other frameworks. Due to the increasing international recognition of the Hungary Helps Program and the growing number of partners wishing to join, it is important for the Agency to receive external donations and grants and to implement them on a project basis.

Within the framework of the Program, the use of humanitarian, reconstruction, development and other subsidies provided by the Agency are regularly monitored on-site.

Our Mission

The Hungary Helps Program is a governmental framework program launched in 2017 to ensure Hungary’s international humanitarian aid and development activities. These activities have been conducted in developing countries and different crisis areas and have been implemented directly and in a coordinated manner.

Our Goal

In addition to our fundamental goal of developing and implementing international humanitarian policy, the Hungarian objective of humanitarian aid is for our country to display its solidarity conscientiously and visibly to international public opinion.

Management of the Program

The Hungary Helps Program embraces the full range of humanitarian and international development activities of the Hungarian government, which is why several ministries are involved in its implementation.

Part of the mission of the Program is to raise awareness on Christian persecution as one of the most carefully concealed tragedies of the 21st century. Spread across more than one hundred countries and involving approximately 245 million people, as many as one in nine experience discrimination and outright persecution solely for their Christian faith. According to the Open Doors World Watch List published earlier this year, over 4100 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons in the year 2018 alone in the fifty countries most affected by persecution. Therefore, Hungary as a country with Christian roots, considers it crucial (not only from a cultural but from a human rights point of view) to attenuate the tragedy and embrace the cause of these defenseless communities, which are rarely mentioned in the international media. 

The Hungary Helps Program does not exclusively help Christian communities in the crisis areas but gives them increased protection. The Program is conducted less by religious considerations, but rather by the spirit of respect for all human rights. These communities with more than two thousand years of traditions will be able to enrich the region’s diversity only if they get the necessary assistance since they are at risk of suffering discrimination or persecution for their faith, in addition to the humanitarian crisis.

Principles of the Program:

  • identification and designation of the existence, causes and nature of humanitarian crises;
  • preservation of the religious and ethnic diversity of the crisis area;
  • administration of quick and efficient aid to people suffering from persecution and humanitarian disasters, helping them remain in their place of origin thus eliminating some of the processes that trigger migration flows;
  • direct and local assistance in preserving communities threatened by humanitarian crises.

Hungary Helps represents a new approach in international humanitarian policy: we ask the communities personally what they need and design our projects based on their perception of their main issues and needs. We are not deciding on their behalf or promote topics based on our own agendas as we have a different cultural, economic, institutional and political background. In addition, we implement projects with local partners: NGOs and mainly churches with which we can work together at the site of the aid being provided.

We strongly believe that there is a need for a paradigm shift: the role of churches needs to be reconsidered in the Western world. In the recent past, in the name of neutrality, there is a ubiquitous trend to marginalize and discredit the churches, although they are the most reliable partners in the Middle East and Africa. Churches are a credible, strong resource, especially in countries where the government is weak. The purpose of the Church is to serve the common good in all areas of life. Their representatives are trusted among the community and they are in close connection with the locals. As most of the countries our program focuses on have week governments, the churches are the main actors of the social and economic organization of the society. 


Purpose of the Program:


  • supporting people and communities living in need, and those suffering from persecution or from humanitarian disasters,
  • assisting with helping people remain in their place of origin, supporting projects promoting the protection of freedom of religion, in particular the persecution of Christian and other religious minorities, as well as safeguarding the values of endangered communities,
  • overseeing and managing donations for humanitarian aid for these purposes.


Our goal is to lead by example and to build an international coalition and cooperation.


In December 2018 we succeeded in signing a cooperation agreement with the United States International Development Agency (USAID), and we are also continuously searching for European partners. If all goes according to plan, our hope is that with time the Hungary Helps Program could become V4 Helps or even EU Helps. A Polish-Hungarian cooperation has already been realized, and the two countries are jointly funding an orthodox orphanage in the Middle East.


A comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed between the Hungary Helps Agency and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) by Gábor Márki, Director General and László Lehel, President-Director of HIA in Budapest on 28 August 2019.


As a ground-breaking government initiative Hungary established the Deputy State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians in 2016 and expanding its activity in 2018, when it was succeeded by the State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program within the Prime Minister’s Office, headed by Tristan Azbej PhD, Secretary of State for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Realization of the Hungary Helps Program.

From 2018, the State Secretariat is responsible for the political coordination of the programs.

Starting January 2019, Dr. Hajnalka Juhász has been assisting the Program as Ministerial Commissioner. Her task is to develop the international relations of the Hungary Helps Program and to build international strategic cooperation with the V4 countries and agencies of the leading countries in humanitarian aid.

The Hungary Helps Agency was founded in April 2019 and is headed by Péter Kovács-Pifka.

Hungary Helps Agency Non-Profit Private Limited Liability Company

Naphegy tér 1. 1016 Budapest, Hungary
+36 1 896 6344

Bank Account for Donations: 

Erste Bank
IBAN: HU40-11600006-00000000-85123111
IBAN: HU66 11600006-00000000-85515105
IBAN: HU65 11600006-00000000-85515026

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Organizational structure

Organizational structure


Name, position and contact information of the directorate of the company

Péter Kovács-Pifka

06 (1) 8962490

Director General

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