• Assistance to victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
  • Assistance to refugees of the Russo-Ukrainian war
  • Support the activities of the Hungary Helps Program

The Government of Hungary is committed to preventing migration and mitigating humanitarian crises, which pose both a security and epidemiological threat. That is why it supports the communities of Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mozambique through the Hungary Helps Program, enabling people living in crisis areas to stay in their homeland.

As part of Hungarian assistance, a new secondary school for internally displaced youth is being built in Nigeria. A program to promote the social reintegration of families living in poverty has been launched in Kenya. In Ethiopia, education, water management, and agriculture projects are supported by the Hungary Helps Program, and in Mozambique, support projects provide assistance to thousands of internally displaced persons. The latter will include the construction of two schools, a primary care center, and about three hundred dwellings, and in order to prevent food crises the Program distributes seed packages to asylum seekers who fled from armed conflicts to the country. These projects of the Hungary Helps Program in Africa are implemented with a total of 1.2 million euros.

The basic principle of the Hungary Helps Program is that help should be taken where the trouble is, not the trouble be brought here. As a result, in the last nearly four years, we have made it possible for about 100,000 people living in crisis areas to stay in their homeland or to return there.