The crisis situation in Congo mitigated by the the Hungary Helps Program

Through the Hungary Helps Program, the Hungarian government is supporting the Eye Care Center in Mbuji Mayi, the Southern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo operated by Richard Hardi, missionary and eye-specialist.

The facility founded by Hungary, provides medical care for 25 thousand patients as a unique center in a region of 8 million people. This donation enables the environmental-friendly energetic supply of the center, which is indispensable for the surgical interventions.

Another project realized by Hungarian funds is the development of the Othniel College educational center and Orphanage in Munganga, which is operated by the Foundation for Africa International Development and Humanitarian Organization. The project includes the building of additional classrooms and workrooms and the introduction of new vocational trainings. The aim of the project is to improve the living standards of the people in the slums of Munganga in the city of Kinshasa, which has 12 million inhabitants.

The basic principle of the Hungary Helps Program is that help must be provided where the trouble lies, not the trouble brought to our countries.