The reconstruction work of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Middle East is supported by the Hungary Helps Program

The recent terrorist attacks in Europe have provided a taste of what Christians in the Middle East are forced to suffer on a daily basis. The Government of Hungary considers it a priority to prevent migration and the associated security and epidemiological risks, as well as to help persecuted Christian communities.

That is why, through the Hungary Helps Program, it supports the reconstruction of the church and community building of the Armenian Apostolic Archdiocese in Zakho, Iraq, the St. Mesrop Chruch in Homs, the Sahagian Armenian School, and the Armenian Cultural Center in Damascus, as well as the general humanitarian programs of the Chruch totaling $ 1 million. The basic principle of the Hungary Helps Program is that help should be taken where the trouble is, not the trouble be brought here, has allowed about 100,000 people living in crisis areas to stay in their homeland or return there in the last nearly four years.

(Prime Minister’s Office)