Hungary Helps Program Goodwill Ambassador, MEP György Hölvényi has invited 20 Scholarship Holders for field trip in Brus¬sels to get to know about European Union and how the European Parlament works. Scholarship Holders had the opportunity to attend at the Extraordinary Working Group Meeting organised by EPP Intercul¬tural and Religious Dialogue Unit.

Michael Magdy (Egypt)

We went to the EU Parliament where we met the Hungarian politicians and thanked them for their invitation and for listening testimonies about our countries and our persecuted churches. We also attend the Intercultural and Religious Dialogue Working Group where we met members and politicians in the EPP who are responsible for the interreligious dia¬logues and persecuted Christians. They listened to our testimonies of our coun¬tries especially Nigeria, Kenya and Iraq as the conflicts and violence against Chris¬tians there are still happening and sharply increasing. They thanked us for saying these testimonies and promised us they do their best to handle the recent situa¬tions and helping the affected as well.

Tala Barri (Syria)

For me it was really exciting since the first minute we met at Deak Ferenc ter and it was raining a lot. The experience itself that we were listening to each other and we were sharing our thoughts with politicians was a very big step and interesting as well. I will not forget the good conversation we had with Mr. György Hölvényi at the de¬licious dinner. The people were super friendly and positive everywhere! I am sure it will remain memorable moment in our hearts and minds that we will never forget!

Romany Moussa (Egypt)

It is a great pleasure to meet the Hungar¬ian MEP in the Parliament of EU. Thanks EU and specially Hungary for taking care of the Christian young people and for the supports related to our countries which makes me feel hope in the future.